Most families and many small businesses rely on a patchwork of backups and require each user to pay attention to whether they’re operating correctly. With a little effort, you can implement a centrally managed system that’s easier to monitor and manage.

Mozilla issued an emergency Firefox patch earlier this week, citing a dangerous zero-day exploit. Because it believed hackers were exploiting the flaw in the wild, Mozilla declined to provide details on the nature of the problem. There are some additional details now, and they suggest the focus of the attack is on cryptocurrency exchange employees.

NASA has attached the wheels and suspension to the starboard side of the frame. We’re one step closer to a functional rover now, and hopefully it will prove even more durable than Curiosity.

There’s a rumor that Intel may be planning some significant price cuts on its CPUs, but they might reflect wishful thinking more than reality. Then again, they might not.

Schools out for summer, but only for so long. If you are headed to college in the fall or have a child in high school, now’s an excellent time to pick up some new tech to help get them through their classes.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed offers an interesting solution to past issues with wireless gaming mice, but at a price you may find unsavory.

You might be able to play World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with your eyes closed, but can you play it at lightning speed while other Marios hurl turtle shells at you? Maybe, someone else is probably better.

Python is one of the most influential programming languages in the world today, and these lessons will give you a strong start to learning this important language.

Samsung says “most” of the problems with the Galaxy Fold have been solved and the device is ready to hit market — but no ship date yet.

The Wirecutter confirmed with a Nest Cam that, yes, Wink retains access to the camera after a reset. This is the case even if someone else sets up the Nest Cam on their account.