Tesla has called for “hardcore” cost-cutting across every facet of the company, despite its massive capital infusion just a few weeks ago. According to Elon Musk, at present burn rates, the company has less than a year of cash reserves.

For a limited time, the PCMag Shop is selling the Google Home Hub at a massive discount. While this handy touchscreen smart device retails for $149.99, you can save $65 when you make your purchase on the PCMag Shop before Sunday night.

This voice-activated automotive accessory aims to make Spotify easier to use in your car, but the company will only provide them to a small number of Spotify Premium subscribers.

HPE has bought Cray, the OG supercomputer manufacturer, for $1.3B. The deal is expected to boost HPE’s own HPC business segment.

SpaceX hoped to have 60 custom communication satellites in orbit today, but instead, it has zero.

Researchers in multiple disciplines are making progress on technology that can translate silent micro-muscle movements into vocal speech, or even read the data directly from the brain. There’s major progress being made in a critical, exciting field.

Several Tesla crashes have resulted in fatalities, and another deadly crash occurred in March. According to a newly released report, the driver in that accident had Autopilot activated at the time.

Microsoft and Sony have signed a strategic partnership around gaming, cloud, and AI — including hosting game services from both companies in Microsoft Azure.

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Samsung may be preparing to re-launch the Galaxy Fold at the tail end of June. Turning the device around in just two months would be an impressively quick fix, if the issues are truly resolved.