This voice-activated automotive accessory aims to make Spotify easier to use in your car, but the company will only provide them to a small number of Spotify Premium subscribers.

Researchers in multiple disciplines are making progress on technology that can translate silent micro-muscle movements into vocal speech, or even read the data directly from the brain. There’s major progress being made in a critical, exciting field.

Foxconn has come under fire for its failure to hold up its end of a massive manufacturing deal with Wisconsin. The latest photos of empty buildings where the company is supposed to be building “innovation centers” don’t improve the optics of the situation.

Google effectively killed Nest as an independent company this week — along with its promises to keep Nest user data separate from Google’s own repositories.

The G502 Lightspeed keeps most of what made the G502 so widely beloved, but it adds all of Logitech’s latest wireless technology.

The Google Home team is merging with Nest, and the first consumer-facing effect is rebranding the Home Hub as the Nest Hub. There’s also a new smart display, the larger Nest Hub Max.

Naturally, governments and law enforcement are worried about the hazards drones represent, and that’s why AerialX designed the DroneBullet. It’s a new type of drone that’s one part quadcopter and one part missile.

If you wish you could improve the video you capture with your smartphone or spend a lot of time working on a video blog, DJI’s new Osmo Pocket action camera may be a worthy investment. We’ve been using one for a few weeks and have plenty to report.

Microsoft announced its HoloLens 2 Developer Edition ahead of Build, but the bundle is a bit underwhelming.

Razer is building a toaster. Mattel is probably building an exascale supercomputer. I hear Raytheon just got into baby toys. Dogs and cats, living together! Chaos reigns.