The FCC began a new round of auctions earlier this year focusing on the upper microwave band, which could be valuable for delivering 5G mobile service.

Ookla has published a new 5G map for the entire planet, allowing you to see which areas have coverage and which do not. Right now, in the US at least, almost everyone is in the “do not” column.

Microsoft is working on a new version of Edge based on Chromium, and it’s going to have a surprising feature: Internet Explorer tabs.

Google will finally let Amazon have a real YouTube app on its Fire TV platform, and Amazon will expand Prime Video support to Chromecast and all Android TV devices.

The issue has been corrected, but it’s not clear how long the breach went undetected or exactly what the attackers could see.

The trailer for Episode IX has finally dropped. We’ve got mixed feelings about it.

The company has allegedly used an army of human beings to listen to audio clips from Alexa devices and grade the interactions. This is seen as an essential way to improve the service, but it raises numerous privacy concerns.

Netflix has killed AirPlay support for iOS, claiming new technical limitations prevent compatibility. That explanation is rather dubious given recent history between Apple and Netflix.

Google had updated Android TV to push ads to customers, even those who paid thousands of dollars for devices that didn’t show ads. Customers are anything but happy.

MIT has announced it will no longer cooperate in research endeavors with Huawei or ZTE, citing national security concerns raised by the US government.