Millimeter-wave networks on 5G already face an uphill battle, given their tiny range and high power consumption relative to LTE. Now they face their most implacable foe of all: the summer sun.

Apple’s iPhones are selling markedly less well than before, according to phone purchasing surveys and customer buybacks. The entire industry is slumping hard.

Google might be giving up on making tablets, but Samsung is keeping at it with a rumored high-end Galaxy Tab S6. This device will allegedly be the followup to the Galaxy Tab 5e and Tab S4, but it will have more in common with the Galaxy S10. 

While the feature set of Android Q is pretty well fleshed out at this point, there are a few new things in Beta 5. 

The bargain-priced Snapdragon 200-series chips have offered bare minimum performance in the past, but Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 215 system-on-a-chip (SoC) could make ultra-cheap phones much more usable with better performance, higher resolutions, and more. 

The results of Ookla’s latest wireless performance survey are in. AT&T leaps into first place for raw speed, but reliability and accessibility are still issues for the company.

There are always some leaks here and there, and last year a crate of Pixel 3 XLs “fell off a truck” in Russia. Nothing that informative has happened yet this time around, but there are some new renders of the upcoming Pixel 4 XL. 

Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Fold several months ago, but hardware defects in the first batch of review units led to an indefinite delay. Now, Samsung has reportedly finished redesigning the device to make it more durable.

Multiple news agencies have joined forces to analyze a new piece of malware, which Chinese border agents are forcing tourists to install on their phones. The software copies messaging, contacts, and searches phones for thousands of different documents. 

The wait is almost over for phone buyers who look at the Galaxy S10 and wish it had more features.