New research suggests that THz radiation could boost future wireless communications.

The FAA released a report today on the frequency of encounters between drones and aircraft. The two vehicles are running into each other with increasing frequency, and the costs of the entanglement are very real.

A new line of sex dolls will follow commands and verbally respond to the user.

Professor Bong Wie’s team at the University of Iowa has drawn up a plan to stop an asteroid from giving planet Earth a really bad day, but will we short-sighted humans ever build it?

Bad behavior from ASIC manufacturers in the unregulated Bitcoin industry is unsurprising, but there are multiple facets to the BTC story that make it a brutal ride for users caught in the middle. Investing coins towards future profits in uncertain products is a very bad idea.

The FDA has yanked its approval of 23andMe’s product, giving the company 15 days to produce data that demonstrates the efficacy of its testing or face further penalties.