Google’s Stadia service comes with bandwidth consumption requirements that could put a serious strain on 1TB data caps across the country. 4K isn’t going to be accessible to a lot of folks — not without overage fees.

Intel’s Core i7-2600K has been an incredibly popular chip over the long term — is it finally time to upgrade off the venerable CPU?

No, Sony isn’t using a “Ryzen 3600G” in the PlayStation 5, despite rumors to the contrary.

The days of mounting the projector in the middle of your space have come to an end with the advent of ultra short throw (UST) projectors. These devices can sit closer to the projection surface, and LG’s new CineBeam Laser 4K projector gets closer than ever.

The first-ever 8K broadcast has officially occurred, but don’t expect immediate uptake.

With 3-axis stabilization, you can swing the Osmo Pocket every which way and still get passably smooth footage at 4K resolution.

The company Intel apparently hired to write a whitepaper on the Core i9-9900K’s gaming performance have blatantly misrepresented AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X to make their case. Not a good look.

The Xbox One X significantly improved its sales in June over last year — could MS be making up ground on Sony?

Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Xbox One S now support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos — and very few devices in-market can make that claim.

Samsung’s latest Frame TVs don’t push the envelope on features — or, at least, not the features you probably have in mind.