While the feature set of Android Q is pretty well fleshed out at this point, there are a few new things in Beta 5. 

Following a handful of blurry spy shots, Google has tweeted an image of the upcoming Pixel 4 on its official Twitter account. The image confirms some things about the leaks but leaves plenty to the imagination.

The new beta includes several notable feature changes, but it’s an important milestone for another reason. This build of Android Q includes final APIs, allowing developers to begin targeting the new platform in earnest.

The Android beta program lets you test drive the new OS as it’s being completed, and there’s a new way to do that today. The newly launched OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro have joined the beta program, but keep in mind — this is unfinished software.

If Google had known the mess Android updates would become, it probably would have taken a different approach to distribution.

We’ve all expected a dark theme for Android for years, and it was not an unreasonable thing to expect.

This release will inevitably include ample bugs and half-finished features, but it’s the first glimpse of Google’s vision for the future of Android.