Apple doesn’t want users to know that its own audience reacted badly to news of a $1,000 metal stick monitor stand.

Apple’s third-generation butterfly switch keyboards can still fail after just a few months, courtesy of a single speck of dust. At this point, the apologies aren’t good enough.

Apple’s design decisions on the MacBook Pro are vastly complicating what ought to be a very simple repair.

Evidence is mounting that Apple’s iPhone sales seriously underperformed this year. The weakness does not appear to be isolated to the ‘budget’ XR.

“If you won’t pay $100 extra for a prepaid iPhone X, I won’t sell them!” Best Buy cried. The store flounced off, its chin held high.

If you buy an iPhone X, you’d best not break it. Repairing anything but the screen will cost $549 if you don’t have AppleCare+.