Fast, costly, and able to ford 34 inches of water, the P400e midsize luxury SUV is supremely comfortable inside. Very well-equipped, it’s close to $100K. Read our full test.

This Mini is quick, quiet, and a hoot to drive. No matter which range numbers you believe — 114 miles? 146? 168? — this is clearly an urban car. Newer EV drivetrains that show up first on BMWs should help Mini in a couple of years.

Incredible fun to drive it you don’t mind stiff suspensions and 12 miles on battery power. But it’s also a turbocharger-like booster for the three-cylinder engine. A full-on electric Mini arrives later this year.

Another more-or-less normal week in TeslaLand. The company isn’t going away, but TSLA shares are worth half the $68 billion they once were.

Ford gets to use Rivian’s skateboard platform to build future vehicles. Along with Ford’s own electrification plans, this puts Ford in a good position to capture sales if and when EVs take off in the US.

One board, with two independent processors and OSs, will power the next full-self-drive Autopilot. Tesla’s happy news day precedes its won’t-be-happy-for-Tesla earnings report and analyst call Wednesday.

Plan to jump through hoops if you want to get the Model 3 Standard Range. You may wind up with a Standard Plus, with software lockouts on a bigger battery, the nav system, and even the heated seats.

Affordability starts at $40,200 in spring 2021, but you can’t place an order yet. The cheapest one you can order today is $48,200 (plus options): the Model Y Long Wait. Sorry, we meant Model Y Long Range.

A nearly empty (empty on power) Model 3 may add 100 miles of range in 5 minutes at a SuperCharger 3 refueling station.

Win on Sunday, sell EVs on Monday: Major automakers flock to Formula E racing. Mercedes-Benz will use the “EQ” moniker to brand its EVs and its Formula E racers.