Formula E electric car racing returns to New York City. For the first time, batteries are strong enough to last the full race. More automakers are getting involved; Porsche comes in next year.

Tesla’s latest quarterly report includes a record number of vehicle deliveries at 95,200.

The Ford Ranger is a solid pickup let down by an aging cockpit and no full-range adaptive cruise control. But there’s nothing else this size with the 7,500-pound tow capacity.

Hyundai’s first big SUV is a hit: The Palisade is roomy, quiet, off-road capable, and an immediate thorn in the side of the equally new Ford Explorer. Which Hyundai undercuts by $10K on price.

Autonomous vehicles aren’t perfect, so to help upgrade their intelligence and prevent fatal accidents, Nvidia created the DGX SuperPod, an AI-optimized supercomputer that will help design a better self-driving car.

Police cars get sonar-based perimeter security, smarter cameras, and more crash-resistance. Ford tunes its hybrids to run on battery for long periods while waiting or writing reports.

The Model 3 wireless charging kit costs $125, and you can purchase it today. Tesla expects it to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Renault has EV technology FCA covets, and so does Renault partner Nissan. Fiat Chrysler has the money to spend because Jeep and Ram trucks are selling so well. Confused? You’re not alone. Just don’t get us started on the Ford-GM merger rumors.

Incredible fun to drive it you don’t mind stiff suspensions and 12 miles on battery power. But it’s also a turbocharger-like booster for the three-cylinder engine. A full-on electric Mini arrives later this year.

Another more-or-less normal week in TeslaLand. The company isn’t going away, but TSLA shares are worth half the $68 billion they once were.