For most of its life, users couldn’t access the Linux heart of Chrome OS, but that changed last year with a feature called “Crostini.” That allowed select Chromebooks to install and run Linux apps, but now Crostini is coming to all Chrome OS devices.

AMD reported strong market share gains for the quarter, particularly compared with a year ago. Server sales slipped a notch, but gains in desktop and laptops compensated.

The Intel CPU shortage is expected to begin easing in June, despite continuing into Q3 2019, but the US-China trade war could cause problems for the entire PC industry this year.

The PC market slumped again in Q1. Intel’s ongoing CPU shortage played a significant role.

Intel’s CPU shortage could worsen as we head into 2019, before improving in the back half of the year.

Google failed to implement a rather simple security measure to protect your passwords from snooping. That could change in an upcoming Chrome OS release, though.

Asus has launched a trio of new laptop form factor Chromebooks and a Chromebook tablet, all ruggedized and intended for the education market.

Microsoft has nudged itself into the top five OEMs in the US thanks to robust Surface sales, but the PC market as a whole is flat.

Google is launching a new streaming test to push Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the Chrome browser.

You have to make compromises if you choose to live with Chrome OS, but you shouldn’t have to make quite this many.