The Apollo Guidance Computer is a marvel of not-exactly-modern technology. Not only did it fly us to the Moon, it’s capable of mining Bitcoin…. slowly.

There’s a new firmware update coming for the Raspberry Pi 4 that substantially reduces its operating temperature.

A new Biostar leak — or inadvertent disclosure — highlights the features arriving with AMD’s X570 chipset next month. PCIe 4.0, faster RAM clocks, and multiple M.2 slots, on this board at least, are all on tap.

Researchers have made a significant breakthrough towards building hybrid electro-optical systems with chip-level integration of optical components.

AMD’s Lisa Su will give the Computex keynote — and discuss the company’s upcoming 7nm product families.

AMD has released a roadmap update confirming 3rd Gen Ryzen is coming by mid-year. Its GPU plans are a little harder to parse.

Hardware accelerators won’t solve the fundamental performance scaling issues facing us when Moore’s law runs out of gas.

ARM hasn’t taken any significant space in the server market to-date, and Linus Torvalds thinks he knows why. Hardware performance isn’t the reason.

Microsoft’s new HoloLens 2 has debuted, and the company claims to have doubled the field of view without reducing image quality.

Raspberry Pi has opened its first physical store in Cambridge. Apple has fresh competition in the fruit-adjacent technology store market, though the RPB store is intended for very different purposes.