GameStop’s stock has fallen by 40 percent this week after its Q1 earnings call. Investors were not satisfied with the company’s financials or its plans for recovery.

A new report claims 20M PC gamers could move away from the platform within the next three years.

Nintendo has sold nearly 35M Switches in two years, but has no plans to make new hardware announcements at E3.

No, Sony isn’t using a “Ryzen 3600G” in the PlayStation 5, despite rumors to the contrary.

Nintendo is reportedly working on new Switch hardware, but a cheaper version of the Switch is expected before any kind of enhanced flavor.

We now know a great deal more about the PS5. Ray tracing, backward-compatibility, faster storage, and 7nm Ryzen 3 are all on tap.

Sony has announced the PSVR hit 4.2M total sales in March, but with the PS4 coming to the end of its life, what happens next?

Google’s Stadia will be powered by Intel CPUs, not AMD, when it comes to market.

Streaming on the Xbox now goes in both directions, from PC to console and console to PC.

BioWare believes it has found the bugs causing crashes on the PS4. Reports of bricked consoles appear to be unverified for now. Fixes incoming.