There’s a new firmware update coming for the Raspberry Pi 4 that substantially reduces its operating temperature.

Amazon unveiled its first custom-built silicon today, and a new type of cloud instance designed around it. Meet Graviton, the company’s first CPU.

The OEMs trying to make Windows on ARM a reality are repeating some of Intel’s biggest mistakes with its own x86 tablet platform.

MediaTek is unveiling its new Helio P60 SoC at Mobile World Congress, with substantially improved CPU, GPU, and AI performance.

Qualcomm has announced new mobile systems in partnership with multiple OEMs. After years of dancing around each other, are ARM and x86 finally ready to fight?

Microsoft may finally bring x86 emulation to its ARM hardware running Windows 10 Mobile, but will there be any demand for the feature? Microsoft’s market share losses make that difficult to predict.

SoftBank announced this morning that its made a $32 billion bid for ARM Holdings. The acquisition could mean huge opportunities for the Cambridge, UK company, but there are potential risks as well.

ARM unveiled new plans for its CPU and GPU line-ups today, with parts expected to launch in 2017. The Mali-G71 and Cortex-A73 should both be upgrades and improvements on existing parts.

ARM has just announced its new 64-bit, high-efficiency architecture — the Cortex-A35.

Leaked benchmarks show LG’s Nuclun 2 pummeling the Galaxy S6. Could LG be the company to beat as manufacturers make the leap to the 14nm node?