The Intel CPU shortage is expected to begin easing in June, despite continuing into Q3 2019, but the US-China trade war could cause problems for the entire PC industry this year.

Amusingly, the bug is in Dell’s own remote support tool that is supposed to help the company fix your laptop. In this case, it’s breaking things. That’s only slightly less bizarre than Asus pushing malware with its support tools. 

Asus has acknowledged being infected by unusual, highly targeted malware, but insists very few people were impacted. That’s difficult to square with what we know about the attack thus far.

Intel wants to drastically improve system battery life with its 10nm parts and Ice Lake SoCs, but what kind of gains can customers actually expect?

There are rumors that AMD, not Intel, might get the nod for the next version of Microsoft’s Surface.

Life for PC manufacturers and channel customers (aka, those who build their own hardware) is going to get uglier in the next few months, in ways that could harm overall sales in the entire semiconductor industry.

A new set of tests compares laptop performance in sustained benchmarks and comes away with a few surprising results.

Microsoft has nudged itself into the top five OEMs in the US thanks to robust Surface sales, but the PC market as a whole is flat.

If Intel’s CPU production issues are causing a shortfall in the PC market, can AMD step in? We investigate.

Apple is reportedly planning new hardware refreshes to reverse its lowest fiscal Q3 Mac sales figures since 2010.