Google’s Stadia service comes with bandwidth consumption requirements that could put a serious strain on 1TB data caps across the country. 4K isn’t going to be accessible to a lot of folks — not without overage fees.

The paid TV companies lost an estimated 2.5M subscribers in 2018 as the pace of cord-cutting accelerated.

The United States’ average wireless and wired network performance both grew over the past 12 months, but continue to lag other developed countries.

CenturyLink is facing a lawsuit from a former employee and a $12 billion class action suit from its customers over allegations that it deliberately created fake accounts for services customers didn’t sign up for, then refused to acknowledge having done so.

Verizon and New York City may be headed to a court room after Verizon repeatedly broke an agreement to wire all of New York City for fiber access. Verizon denies the allegations.

Google is reportedly slashing its budget for Google Fiber and considering alternate methods of running cable.

Leaked documents point to Verizon’s deliberate campaign to shove home customers off copper networks and into fiber deployments, whether they’re interested in using those services or not.

The mayors of Newark and Jersey City have called for an investigation into Verizon’s business practices after huge numbers of landlords supposedly opted out from receiving FiOS support.

Comcast’s recent announcement that it’s deploying 2Gbps fiber in Nashville turns up the heat in what could finally be some actual competition in US broadband.

Verizon has been hit by a pair of bad practices and false claims regarding its FiOS service. Net neutrality or not, old anti-consumer habits die hard.