Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Fold several months ago, but hardware defects in the first batch of review units led to an indefinite delay. Now, Samsung has reportedly finished redesigning the device to make it more durable.

Samsung is seeking to assuage any fears about the folding mechanism in the Galaxy Fold with a 34-second video of the phone folding again and again.

There are plenty of reasons the world isn’t ready for foldable phones, but Samsung, Huawei, and others have decided that now is the time. The price is one of the major issues, but the materials needed for a foldable display are another.

Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery has confirmed that the company is indeed working on a folding phone, and it’s probably going to be a modern take on the Razr.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X look cool in demos, but foldable phones are probably a long, long way from being any good. Here are five reasons the current crop of devices is going to be bad.

The previously teased Galaxy Fold is official, and it’s coming this April. You might want to start saving up now, though.

The rumor mill has long suggested that the foldable phone will be the “Galaxy F” when it comes out. According to the Korean Yonhap News Agency, that is indeed the current working name for the phone, and Samsung is targeting an astronomical price of $1,770.

This flexible OLED technology will launch in 2019 as part of a still unnamed phone. Denison had the phone on stage, but we only got to see if for a precious few seconds.