Huawei initially wanted to launch the Mate X in June, which was an ambitious timeline that would have put it up against Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Now, it’ll be lucky to launch the phone this year.

Samsung’s Note 10+ is the latest smartphone to win Dr. Raymond Soneira’s display comparison, but high-end panels don’t feel as if they land with the oomph that they used to pack.

The Galaxy Fold will ship in September for the same $1,980, but not all US carriers are interested in selling the device anymore. 

Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Fold several months ago, but hardware defects in the first batch of review units led to an indefinite delay. Now, Samsung has reportedly finished redesigning the device to make it more durable.

Samsung says “most” of the problems with the Galaxy Fold have been solved and the device is ready to hit market — but no ship date yet.

News on the redesign process has been tough to come by since then, and now AT&T is done waiting. The carrier has canceled all Galaxy Fold pre-orders and refunded customers.

Samsung may be preparing to re-launch the Galaxy Fold at the tail end of June. Turning the device around in just two months would be an impressively quick fix, if the issues are truly resolved.

Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and now Google are all confirmed to be in one stage or another of trying to bring foldable phones to market. It’s all aboard the Bad Idea Bandwagon!

An email sent to pre-order holders says that Samsung is still “enhancing” the Galaxy Fold after multiple review units failed in a matter of days. Perhaps most telling, the email update requires customers to opt-in to keep their pre-orders. Anyone who doesn’t confirm will have their order canceled at the end of the month.

Samsung has forced iFixit to remove its teardown of the Galaxy Fold after iFixit revealed how fragile the hardware is.