Streaming a game from a distant data center could cause unavoidable lag. Microsoft’s xCloud demo at E3 has eased some fears, but Google has yet to prove itself in early demos.

Bethesda is preparing to roll out its own game streaming technology called Orion. However, this isn’t an alternative to current game streaming platforms. Instead, Orion will integrate with games to make streaming services better.

Stadia probably won’t set the gaming world on fire when it launches in late 2019, but it might still be the gaming platform of the future. Google’s going to have to stick with it, though.

Google’s Stadia service comes with bandwidth consumption requirements that could put a serious strain on 1TB data caps across the country. 4K isn’t going to be accessible to a lot of folks — not without overage fees.

In a new live-streamed announcement, Google has revealed pricing, games, and the launch date for Stadia. The service won’t be cheap, especially if you want to use it when it launches later this year.

Google’s Stadia will be powered by Intel CPUs, not AMD, when it comes to market.

At GDC 2019, Google has unveiled Stadia, its new cloud-based gaming platform. It lets you play AAA games on any device with Chrome including laptops, phones, tablets, and TVs.

Streaming on the Xbox now goes in both directions, from PC to console and console to PC.

The Blade Shadow Ghost turns your TV into an upper-end gaming PC, at least in theory. Mixed reviews suggest there are still a number of caveats.

Google has sent out invites to its GDC press event, during which it’s expected to unveil a new game streaming product. This could be the next step for the recent Project Stream test.