GameStop’s stock has fallen by 40 percent this week after its Q1 earnings call. Investors were not satisfied with the company’s financials or its plans for recovery.

GameStop has confirmed that it’s exploring options for a private equity buyout after a bruising six months in 2018. But any such deal could also transform the larger console space.

GameStop’s new PowerPass program gives gamers the option to play as many used games as they want and keep two per year, at $60 per six months ($120 per year).

GameStop’s weak fourth quarter could lead to more store closures this year, as the company retrenches around profitable businesses and away from shrinking physical game and console sales.

Microsoft may be mulling an Xbox One trade-in program for the Xbox One and One S once Scorpio debuts next year.

One of the most widespread hardware failures to plague consumer electronics was the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death, an unfixable light pattern — unaccompanied by an error code, unlike other Xbox 360 failures — that represented one or more hardware components have broken down in some way. A new report claims that GameStop learned how to fix it back in 2009, and has been reselling the refurbished consoles ever since. The fix, it turns out, could very well have been temporary, which means the much-derided GameStop was selling Xbox 360s marked for death.

If you plan on trading in used games at GameStop stores in Philadelphia, be prepared to be treated like a criminal. Stores in the city of brotherly love are now requiring fingerprint scans of everyone trading in their used games. Even worse, the GameStop Corporation apparently implemented these outlandish anti-theft measures voluntarily. It’s official, we’re now living in the dystopian future dreamed of in 20th century sci-fi novels.

As the release of the Ouya draws closer, some big news has come to light. This won’t be an online-only experience. Not only will you be able to buy the Ouya directly from the manufacturer’s website, but major brick-and-mortar chains will be selling the inexpensive gaming platform as well.