Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and a number of publishers are making it mandatory to disclose loot box reward chances. It’s about time, but it doesn’t completely address the gambling question.

AMD’s new CPUs sold exceptionally well at retail last month, according to Mindfactory.

Now that we actually know what CPU performance factually looks like, we’ve got a much better basis for discussing it relative to Intel’s Whiskey Lake.

Sony has stated it may have no choice but to raise its PS4 prices if the latest round of trade tariffs between the US and China actually go into effect.

AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs may not be able to hit their boost frequencies on every CPU core. This is a departure from previous clocking methods on CPUs, but does it actually represent a problem?

AMD is having some trouble keeping the 3800X and 3900X on store shelves, but the company is working to fix the situation.

The price cuts from AMD and Nvidia have made certain high-end GPUs a much better buy than what we saw just half a year ago.

Overclocking headroom is shrinking every generation. A company devoted to selling pre-binned processors is saying it may go out of business as a result.

Given that most people are not PC hardware enthusiasts to the point of building their own PCs, it makes sense that Corsair would want to bring greater PC-building chops under its own brand.

The Steam Hardware Survey hasn’t seemed congruent with AMD’s reported performance from other companies. Now we have some idea why.