Apple is reportedly preparing to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro and possible point updates to its 13.3-inch MacBook Pro family as well.

There are hints that Apple is working on new apps for content management — and that could mean iTunes, at long last, is headed for the exit. It won’t happen overnight, but maybe it’ll finally happen, period.

Rumors suggest Razer may be done with mobile after shutting down its games store over the weekend. The company appears to have laid off or reassigned its employees from the mobile hardware division.

Apple has traditionally kept is smartphones locked down to prevent unauthorized app installs, but there is a program that helps companies test and distribute non-public apps. It appears that some clever and unscrupulous folks on the internet have co-opted that technology to provide hacked and pirated apps.

Your iPhone is safe if it’s updated today, but Google says the exploits were active in the wild.

Apple’s lawyers are defending it from lawsuits against battery life declines by claiming Apple is actually a house contractor. It’s not a great comparison.

It’s Wednesday, so that must mean Facebook is in hot water yet again after taking a laissez-faire attitude toward privacy.

Samsung has announced its new Exynos 9820, with significantly improved single-core performance and overall power consumption. Look for it in the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Multiple high-end 2018 smartphone models show markedly worse battery life than their predecessors, except when they show substantially better battery life than their predecessors. Wait, what?

Apple’s new A12X Bionic almost matches Intel’s Core CPUs in modern MacBook Pros — but the situation is a little more complex than it may seem.