Several companies offer device unlocking services to law enforcement, but they’re limited by devices and software versions. Israeli forensics firm Cellebrite says it can free up the data on any iOS device up to the latest v12.3.

The Intel CPU shortage is expected to begin easing in June, despite continuing into Q3 2019, but the US-China trade war could cause problems for the entire PC industry this year.

Samsung may have an antennagate issue of its own with the Galaxy Tab S5e. The device loses substantial signal strength when held in certain orientations.

Verizon’s price tag on the Samsung Galaxy 10 5G has dropped and… well. Hope you aren’t planning any other big-ticket purchases in the near-future. Alternatively, you should buy whatever other thing you were considering and forget the phone.

The lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm is over, but there are some significant allegations of dirty-dealing on Apple’s part.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is already sold out, but reports of extreme fragility are already dogging the unit. If you bought one, do not remove the protective screen cover.

There are rumors that Intel’s 5G modem is behind schedule and Apple isn’t happy about it.

TSMC has reportedly improved its 7nm capacity utilization following a drop earlier in the year. AMD, HiSilicon are said to be responsible.

The AirPower, announced back in September 2017, was supposed to offer a sort-of wireless charging holy grail.

Apple’s third-generation butterfly switch keyboards can still fail after just a few months, courtesy of a single speck of dust. At this point, the apologies aren’t good enough.