A mid-June disaster could sap half of Western Digital’s NAND production for the quarter, thanks to long-term shutdowns for repairs.

DRAM prices have continued to move in the same direction, and it’s a downright good time to buy.

Intel might move production of Optane to Fab 68 in China once its deal with Micron wraps up for good. But recent trade issues could hamper such plans.

Significant tariffs will go into effect at 12:01 AM Friday morning, and the markets have been jittery about the issue all week. So what happens next?

Intel’s Optane DIMMs may not have as much upside as the company is hoping. Performance benefits and gains are modest for now.

Samsung issued its first-ever profit warning. Weak economic indicators, the ongoing US trade war with China, and the collapse of memory sales have collectively hit the company hard.

NAND demand dropped sharply in Q4, and it’s not clear whether the market has finished correcting for seasonality and investor jitters or not. Prices could still drop further.

DRAM price could decline by 20 percent in desktops and 30 percent in servers when compared with Q4 2018 pricing, and it’s expected to continue to drop, according to a new report.

Intel and Micron are calling it quits in a pre-arranged unwinding of their joint Optane and Flash manufacturing plans.

Intel has announced its new Optane Memory H10 — Optane storage and a QLC NAND drive on the same silicon.