Google held a major AMA on its Stadia gaming platform this week, but the company refuses to answer one of the most important questions gamers have: How do we know you won’t cancel this service the way you’ve canceled over 150 others?

The new model has drastically improved battery life and no other major differences and will sell for the same $299 base price.

Nintendo’s Switch has been quite popular over the last two years, but a persistent problem with JoyCon drift has the community buzzing.

Microsoft has been forced to block the Windows 10 1903 update (May 2019) from its own hardware due to GPU incompatibilities.

This week, Microsoft released updates that touch the telemetry gathering side of its older operating systems, and that has certain users seeing red.

Microsoft used to perform regular backups of the registry, but that has now officially ended in Windows 10. If you want to save the registry, you’ll have to manually re-enable the feature. 

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have jointly sent a letter to the Trump Administration, asking for their game consoles to not be targeted in the next wave of tariffs in the ongoing price war, due to kick off in the near future.

Microsoft has just announced a major new feature for OneDrive — 2FA and additional security for a specific, personal file vault.

The device will allegedly have dual 9-inch displays with a 4:3 aspect ratio and support for running Android apps.

According to Gates, his biggest mistake was in failing to see the threat Android presented, and missing the mark when it came to ensuring that Microsoft continued to dominate phones the way it had dominated in mobile.