The fourth-gen Pixels are still shrouded in mystery, but a new leak courtesy of OnLeaks does reveal a few details. One thing we can say for sure is the Pixel 4 will have a big-honkin’ camera hump.

Samsung and AMD have signed a new agreement to license Radeon IP for Samsung’s GPU designs. What’s that mean for the company’s long-term custom SoC plans?

The new beta includes several notable feature changes, but it’s an important milestone for another reason. This build of Android Q includes final APIs, allowing developers to begin targeting the new platform in earnest.

Many phones have adopted a display notch in the last couple of years, but that may be a flash in the pan. Oppo and Xiaomi have just shown off their upcoming under-display camera technology.

While Sprint is late to the game compared to Verizon and AT&T, its 5G network already covers more people than the other carriers combined.

ARM announced the latest Cortex-A77 CPU this week, with improvements in overall performance, particularly FPU code.

Intel’s new Ice Lake promises small performance uplifts against Whiskey Lake, larger gains against the older Skylake architecture, and huge GPU improvements.

The Android beta program lets you test drive the new OS as it’s being completed, and there’s a new way to do that today. The newly launched OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro have joined the beta program, but keep in mind — this is unfinished software.

Samsung may be preparing to re-launch the Galaxy Fold at the tail end of June. Turning the device around in just two months would be an impressively quick fix, if the issues are truly resolved.

The FCC began a new round of auctions earlier this year focusing on the upper microwave band, which could be valuable for delivering 5G mobile service.