Tesla’s latest quarterly report includes a record number of vehicle deliveries at 95,200.

The Model 3 wireless charging kit costs $125, and you can purchase it today. Tesla expects it to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Another more-or-less normal week in TeslaLand. The company isn’t going away, but TSLA shares are worth half the $68 billion they once were.

Tesla has called for “hardcore” cost-cutting across every facet of the company, despite its massive capital infusion just a few weeks ago. According to Elon Musk, at present burn rates, the company has less than a year of cash reserves.

The Tesla Model 3 backlog may well be cleared up — unless you want the $35,000 base model, that is.

Plan to jump through hoops if you want to get the Model 3 Standard Range. You may wind up with a Standard Plus, with software lockouts on a bigger battery, the nav system, and even the heated seats.

Tesla has reversed course on its plan to close stores and now claims it will only close underperforming locations. Prices are going up to compensate.

Tesla’s plan to sell direct (no more factory stores) is a challenge to the established dealer network. If Tesla succeeds, other startups or market newcomers may follow suit.

So excited about his new European delivery Model 3, Dan takes the Tesla straight to the unlimited-speed Autobahn. Even though “I’m not used to driving on the Autobahn.”

Consumer Reports has dropped its recommendation of the Model 3, citing significant reliability issues reported by owners in an addendum to its consumer vehicle reliability survey.