The agency confirms that all systems performed perfectly during the second ascent abort test, proving that astronauts aboard Orion could be safely wrenched free of a rocket in the event of an emergency. 

Activists have finished a massive restoration project to bring the original Apollo Mission Control facility back to its original state.

Spacecraft rely on extremely accurate measurements of time to coordinate maneuvers, and these systems will become even more important as we aim for distant destinations. That’s why NASA is testing a new type of mercury-ion atomic clock which is smaller and more versatile. 

SpaceX is looking at a delay after the loss of a Dragon 2 capsule during engine tests. Meanwhile, Boeing is back on track after completing its final and most challenging parachute test. 

NASA’s JPL challenged scientists around the world to devise a process to colonize the galaxy in the most efficient way possible. It might take a few million years, but simulations show how we could do it. 

Titan has permanent bodies of liquid on the surface like Earth, but they’re liquid hydrocarbon instead of water. That doesn’t explain the perplexing “bathtub rings” around Titan’s seas, though. New experiments on Earth suggest those rings could come from crystalized acetylene and butane. 

The agency reports that Curiosity just detected an unusually high concentration of methane, a gas that we associate with biological processes.

NASA has attached the wheels and suspension to the starboard side of the frame. We’re one step closer to a functional rover now, and hopefully it will prove even more durable than Curiosity.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) works with some of the most advanced technology in the world including Mars rovers and space telescopes. However, it was a relatively simple piece of consumer technology that allowed hackers to break into its network and steal data.

It has been almost two months since a SpaceX Dragon II capsule exploded during testing, and NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has now confirmed publicly that the “anomaly” has pushed back the launch schedule.