The agency confirms that all systems performed perfectly during the second ascent abort test, proving that astronauts aboard Orion could be safely wrenched free of a rocket in the event of an emergency. 

Under the current administration, NASA has been told to push up its timeline and get a crewed mission to the moon by 2024 instead of 2028. That’s just five years away, and the agency now says it will need at least $20 billion in additional funding to make it happen.

It might seem like we’ve been talking about the Space Launch System (SLS) for years, and that’s because we have been. NASA began this ambitious project in 2011, eventually settling on Boeing as the primary contractor for what will be the most powerful rocket in the world. It’s not ready to fly yet, and NASA is getting impatient.

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk. Musk posted an image on Instagram of the new SpaceX space suit, and it’s downright svelte compared to the bulky pressure suits astronauts typically wear for an EVA.

Step into your test pilot boots, kiddos, because we’re going supersonic.

The Orion Molecular Cloud Complex is a group of nebulae and stellar nurseries positioned some 1,500 light years away from Earth. This is a place where new stars are born, but also apparently where they meet an early end.

Trump wants to cut NASA’s budget, Enceladus’ icy geysers continue to amaze us, Lockheed-Martin wants to build a Mars-going platform, and SpaceX shot its last single-use rocket into orbit. All this and more in the week in space.

Mars Base Camp could send six astronauts to Mars within a decade.

The latest test of Orion’s parachutes is just the second of eight total for the human flight plan.

Straight outta sci-fi: these beauty shots from all over space offer a startling, spectacular look into the cosmos. Watch the universe at work, from our own lonely planet to the deepest image of the Orion Nebula ever captured.