Wrapping up our E3 coverage, we turn our attention to the various software improvements AMD has promised for its GPUs. Here’s what is coming down the pipe.

AMD announced its Navi graphics cards and RDNA architecture at E3, with substantial improvements in both raw performance and performance per watt.

Samsung and AMD have signed a new agreement to license Radeon IP for Samsung’s GPU designs. What’s that mean for the company’s long-term custom SoC plans?

Intel has updated its NUCs, with support for AMD’s RX 540 and relatively high-end 15W CPUs.

There’s a new set of rumors around AMD’s upcoming Navi, implying the company could launch an RTX 20708 competitor at the GTX 1070’s old $330 price.

AMD celebrated its 50th anniversary this week, which means it’s time for a bit of retrospective reflection.

There’s a new suite of rumors about Navi to correspond with updates on the next-generation PS5. AMD needs some version of these rumors to be accurate — but which one will shape how its GPU market unfolds in the future.

Google’s Stadia will be powered by Intel CPUs, not AMD, when it comes to market.

Nvidia made a number of strong claims for its new Turing architecture at its latest investor day.

Apple has released minor updates for its iMac family, increasing CPU and GPU specs, but keeping the design the same.