GameStop’s stock has fallen by 40 percent this week after its Q1 earnings call. Investors were not satisfied with the company’s financials or its plans for recovery.

We’ve all heard about Prime Air, the drone delivery program currently hamstrung by US restrictions on commercial drones. However, the company just rolled out a new ground-based robotic delivery service in one community north of Seattle. It’s called Amazon Scout.

This will be a huge boost to state budgets, but online retailers won’t be pleased.

The new Key In-Car deliveries allow an Amazon delivery person to drop off an order in the trunk of your car, but only certain cars in certain places.

The popular crypto exchange has released a new product called Coinbase Commerce, a payment system that helps retailers accept cryptocurrency payments from customer wallets.

Tesla will even have its own employees on hand at Home Depot locations to tout the benefits of the tech.

The cashier-free store has been in beta for the last few years, but Amazon now says its automated technology is ready for primetime.

The newly available Amazon Key service allows the company’s delivery personnel to open your locked door in order to deliver a package. People are understandably a little uncomfortable with the idea.

Amazon announced its intention to put the nation’s cashiers out of work a few months ago, but it looks like they’ll be getting a reprieve for now.

Amazon Prime Air is a reality… for two people in the UK.