AMD’s long-awaited 7nm Navi is here — and its new, RDNA architecture is a significant improvement on what AMD has previously fielded in GPUs.

Nvidia has launched its new RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070 Super, and (upcoming) the RTX 2080 Super. These new cards all offer improved performance at (mostly) the same price.

It’s got LEDs, a giant cooler, factory overclocking, and more video-out ports than you typically find on a high-end card. Meet the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 Xtreme 8G.

Nvidia is reportedly planning new GPUs for next week to take the wind out of AMD’s upcoming launch.

AMD’s new RDNA architecture is a major advancement over and above GCN. If it delivers the improvements AMD has promised, it’ll be the company’s most important GPU launch since 2012. Let’s take a look at what AMD has brought to the table.

The worldwide semiconductor market fell by the largest amount in a decade last quarter. Q2 isn’t expected to improve things.

Nvidia’s next big ray tracing project isn’t a new game — it’s an intriguing twist on an old one.

There’s a new set of rumors around AMD’s upcoming Navi, implying the company could launch an RTX 20708 competitor at the GTX 1070’s old $330 price.

Another month, another Steam Hardware Survey report. Mixed news for Turing relative to Pascal and some modest upside for AMD.

A leak suggests AMD APUs and Nvidia GPUs could tip up together in future Asus products. It’d make for a refreshing change.