Mozilla issued an emergency Firefox patch earlier this week, citing a dangerous zero-day exploit. Because it believed hackers were exploiting the flaw in the wild, Mozilla declined to provide details on the nature of the problem. There are some additional details now, and they suggest the focus of the attack is on cryptocurrency exchange employees.

The Wirecutter confirmed with a Nest Cam that, yes, Wink retains access to the camera after a reset. This is the case even if someone else sets up the Nest Cam on their account. 

Western Digital has suspended its partnership with Huawei as the phone giant braces for a major sales falloff.

Samsung deleted a tweet warning its users to virus scan their smart TVs. Bad idea.

Several companies offer device unlocking services to law enforcement, but they’re limited by devices and software versions. Israeli forensics firm Cellebrite says it can free up the data on any iOS device up to the latest v12.3.

Investing in a VPN is a smart choice right now, but the options are vast. To help narrow things down a bit, we’ve rounded up five of our very favorite consumer services.

A security researcher has created a tool to allow the extraction and analysis of AMD’s Platform Security Processor firmware.

Now even the NSA is getting worried that the so-called BlueKeep flaw could result in a dangerous worm that spreads across the globe, wreaking havoc on unprotected computers.

For decades, the baseline password practices Microsoft provided to customers suggested forcing employees to change their passwords every 60 days. According to Microsoft’s Aaron Margosis, that technique is an “ancient and obsolete mitigation of very low value.”

New traffic systems are employing artificial intelligence to track pedestrian behavior to create safer and more efficient walking paths. A new approach destined for Vienna takes privacy into account as well.