Western Digital has suspended its partnership with Huawei as the phone giant braces for a major sales falloff.

Ryzen and Navi were the stars of AMD’s E3, but spare a thought for the AM4 socket — and the significant amount of work AMD has done to keep it current without compromising its promise on backward compatibility.

Samsung and AMD have signed a new agreement to license Radeon IP for Samsung’s GPU designs. What’s that mean for the company’s long-term custom SoC plans?

Huawei has been cut off from most of the major CPU architectures in existence. If the company can’t negotiate its way out of the problem, what practical recourse does it have?

Multiple high-end 2018 smartphone models show markedly worse battery life than their predecessors, except when they show substantially better battery life than their predecessors. Wait, what?

Apple has announced the partial acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor in a deal worth $600M.

AMD has quietly introduced two new Ryzen Mobile CPUs intended for higher power systems.

Qualcomm is sampling its first 7nm SoCs to customers now with an integrated 5G modem. Hardware should be ready by the end of the year.

The Snapdragon 670 brings an unusual octa-core design with an upgraded graphics core to cheaper phones. Well, some cheaper phones.

AMD is building a new semi-custom design for a new customer — and making a play for the Chinese console market.