There are loads of free PC games out there, but many of them aren’t worth your time. These will have you hooked for hours.

Microsoft used to perform regular backups of the registry, but that has now officially ended in Windows 10. If you want to save the registry, you’ll have to manually re-enable the feature. 

It’s still on you to be aware of threats to stay safe, but Android is by its very nature more secure than a desktop computer. Still, you’ve probably already got what you need.

Microsoft has admitted that people don’t want to use Edge. Now we’ve gotten our first glimpse of its new Chromium-based browser, and shockingly, it looks like a Microsoft-y version of Chrome.

The year 2000 was historic for a variety of reasons, and apparently it was also the year WinRAR introduced a serious vulnerability into its Windows application.

Sennheiser has issued a patch for the software, but it doesn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the screw-up.

Lundgren, a prominent e-waste recycler, says he made the discs to help people fix their old computers rather than toss them, and he worries about the precedent the case has set.

Under the MIT license, you can download, modify, and use the Windows File Manager almost however you want.

Next year, you may never again have to hunt through your Chrome tabs in search of the one that’s producing sound.

Scientists have now managed to write executable code into DNA that is capable of infecting the computer that reads it. It was only a matter of time.