Sony has stated it may have no choice but to raise its PS4 prices if the latest round of trade tariffs between the US and China actually go into effect.

Chinese firms would be unable to make the government’s self-sufficiency goals without ongoing access to US technology, according to the firms themselves.

The Consumer Technology Association has released a report quantifying the damage to the US economy if the Trump Administration goes ahead with proposed tariff increases. Laptop, cell phones, and tablets could all become significantly more expensive, if the projection is accurate.

Significant tariffs will go into effect at 12:01 AM Friday morning, and the markets have been jittery about the issue all week. So what happens next?

Intel’s CPU shortage could ease in Q1 as additional 14nm production comes online. The impact of the ongoing US-China trade dispute could still throw a wrench into overall product sales, however.

Life for PC manufacturers and channel customers (aka, those who build their own hardware) is going to get uglier in the next few months, in ways that could harm overall sales in the entire semiconductor industry.

The new tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration on China are going to hit a lot of PC components.

The US and China are escalating tariffs. BMW is moving some US production to China. But it’s not clear if that’s because China consumes 500,000 Bimmers a year (more than the US and Germany), or if it’s in response to Chinese tariffs.

Build more Bimmers in the US, Trump says. But last year BMW built 411,000 BMWs here; 70% of them were exported.