The new model has drastically improved battery life and no other major differences and will sell for the same $299 base price.

Rumors suggest Razer may be done with mobile after shutting down its games store over the weekend. The company appears to have laid off or reassigned its employees from the mobile hardware division.

The Magic Leap is officially coming, but if this demo is any indication you might want to save your money.

The Nintendo Switch is vulnerable to hacking in a way that Nintendo will never be able to patch. Can we have saved game backups now?

The Nintendo Switch has been hacked and is capable of booting Linux in a new cold-boot exploit. Will Nintendo finally relent on user saved games — or lock things down that much tighter?

Nintendo might have a different set of specs in store for the Switch than what we’ve been led to expect.

The CPU and GPU speeds for the Nintendo Switch have leaked. Depending on how powerful you thought the system would be, the final figures may be a bit of a surprise.

Nintendo just unveiled its next-generation console, the Nintendo Switch. Will this hybrid platform reverse the company’s poor living room hardware sales?

Nvidia, not AMD, has won the latest console from Nintendo — and the NX’s blend of handheld and conventional form factors should prove interesting when the device finally ships.

Nvidia just posted strong quarterly results thanks to gains across the board. The upcoming GTX 1080 and 1070 are likely to boost earnings further.