Tesla’s latest quarterly report includes a record number of vehicle deliveries at 95,200.

The Model 3 wireless charging kit costs $125, and you can purchase it today. Tesla expects it to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Another more-or-less normal week in TeslaLand. The company isn’t going away, but TSLA shares are worth half the $68 billion they once were.

Tesla has called for “hardcore” cost-cutting across every facet of the company, despite its massive capital infusion just a few weeks ago. According to Elon Musk, at present burn rates, the company has less than a year of cash reserves.

Several Tesla crashes have resulted in fatalities, and another deadly crash occurred in March. According to a newly released report, the driver in that accident had Autopilot activated at the time.

Three Tesla fires in three weeks. None of them were involved in accidents. All were parked in public or home garages.

Tesla wants to make your drive safer by implementing some of Autopilot’s features while the self-driving system is disabled.

Tesla will do quiet, battery-power leaf blowers. Rainn Wilson (The Office) wants credit for his suggestion to Musk. Chill: Battery leaf blowers exist now. But Tesla could make them better.

Tesla insurance today runs about $2,500 a year from third parties. Tesla sees an opportunity to charge less to drivers who voluntarily agree to monitoring of some parts of their driving.

Things will only get better, Elon Musk says, after losing $702 million in Q1 and seeing sales fall 31 percent. Tesla still expects to sell 360,000 to 400,000 cars in 2019.