Another more-or-less normal week in TeslaLand. The company isn’t going away, but TSLA shares are worth half the $68 billion they once were.

Things will only get better, Elon Musk says, after losing $702 million in Q1 and seeing sales fall 31 percent. Tesla still expects to sell 360,000 to 400,000 cars in 2019.

Plan to jump through hoops if you want to get the Model 3 Standard Range. You may wind up with a Standard Plus, with software lockouts on a bigger battery, the nav system, and even the heated seats.

Misery loves company? Take Tesla out of the mix and EV sales didn’t reach 10,000 in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Toyota Prius Prime and Honda Clarity plug-in hybrids had banner quarters.

Without a traditional dealer network to mislead buyers, Tesla does it at the corporate level.