Significant tariffs will go into effect at 12:01 AM Friday morning, and the markets have been jittery about the issue all week. So what happens next?

A week and a half ago, I found out that my first book had been plagiarized by someone and was being sold on Amazon. Here’s what’s happened since.

I admit that in the grand scheme of things that could go wrong in tech these days, I wasn’t quite expecting this one.

Criminals have found a way to steal chip-and-pin credit and debit cards by replacing the chip with a dummy unit.

Equifax has just disclosed its own negligence didn’t just allow hackers to steal vital information on a majority of the adult population in the United States–it leaked nearly 11 million driver’s licenses, too.

Equifax has announced a mammoth breach of its security, with social security numbers, addresses, names, and other personally identifiable information stolen from 143 million accounts.

Microsoft suffered a significant hack and data leak over the weekend, but the size and scale of the problem may have been smaller than initially reported.

According to a statement on Twitter, CD Projekt Red has been hacked and game files from Cyberpunk 2077 are in the hands of unknown people who are demanding money for their return.

Members of a motorcycle gang from Tijuana, Mexico have been arrested by the FBI after stealing more than 150 Jeep Wranglers by exploiting all those modern security measures that are supposed to make it harder to steal cars.

Last week, Razer reported its Project Valerie triple-screen laptops had been stolen from CES. Now, one of them has turned up online, courtesy of Chinese reseller Taobao. Even if you’ve got more than $20,000 to drop on a laptop, we recommend not buying these particular prototypes.