Intel might move production of Optane to Fab 68 in China once its deal with Micron wraps up for good. But recent trade issues could hamper such plans.

Significant tariffs will go into effect at 12:01 AM Friday morning, and the markets have been jittery about the issue all week. So what happens next?

President Trump may sign an executive order banning telecommunications equipment from Huawei and ZTE, just ahead of Mobile World Congress.

Micron has been targeted by corporate thieves looking to steal data, and it may face retaliatory lawsuits in China for its efforts against the thieves.

ZTE is banned from purchasing products from US suppliers following its failure to punish employees who conspired to break US embargoes against Iran, North Korea.

President-elect Trump has promised to enact broad tariffs against China — or to at least consider them if the country refuses to play ball — and China is already threatening to retaliate.