Apple doesn’t want users to know that its own audience reacted badly to news of a $1,000 metal stick monitor stand.

At WWDC today, Apple unveiled the first Mac Pro refresh since 2013. The new Mac Pro has up to 28 CPU cores, 1.5TB of RAM, multiple GPUs, and a modular design. Bonus: it also looks like a cheese grater from the front.

Apple’s plans to kill off OpenGL aren’t popular with game developers and the company is attempting to further explain its position.

A newer, user-friendlier Apple will allow mapping software to run on your car. You’ll need to upgrade to iOS 12 this fall when it ships; then you’ll have Waze, Google Maps, and others available on your center stack display.

Apple is finally working to offer better GPU performance to its customers, and hopping on the VR bandwagon as well.

Despite the company’s insistence that HomePod will sound amazing, it all feels like too little too late to take on the growing smart speaker market.

Apple’s new iOS 11 is moving to 64-bit and leaving 32-bit apps and programs behind, once and for all. It’s a major departure from how Google and Microsoft have approached backwards compatibility, but it could pay dividends for the Cupertino company.

Apple’s new iMac Pro will feature Intel Xeons and AMD’s Vega GPU, start at $5,000, and be available in December. It’s easily the most powerful all-in-one we’ve ever seen, but pricing for the top configuration remains unknown.

HEVC video support, enhanced privacy controls, faster web rendering, and better text-to-speech are excellent improvements, but we’re obsessed with two features in particular: The new file system and VR support.

At WWDC today, Apple has finally unveiled its new iMac. All models receive upgrades to Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors. They also get two Thunderbolt 3 controllers, brighter displays, much faster graphics, and USB-C ports for the first time.